200m先の熱 第01-10巻 [200 M-saki no netsu vol 01-10]

200 M-saki no netsu vol 01-10

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Raw Name: TOUMORI Miyoshi

Summary: Kikka Tsumugu (28 years old) lives alone on the 2nd floor of an apartment building. Kikka, who works as a "wasai" (traditional Japanese clothing manufacturer) at home, is a job given by Mashimo, her ex-boyfriend from high school. One day Kikka was selected to be a board member of the apartment complex lives at and met with a man named Hirara...!? Mashimo lives 200 meters away from Kikka's house and Hirara lives 200m above. The vertical and horizontal romance triangle has begun! Vol.3, 4, and 6 include "Tonari no Binetsu" as extras.